Why we don't offer client previews or edits for our photos and video tours.

Real estate photos and videos are generally shot with very strict deadlines in mind, and we strive for fast turnaround time so you can get your property listed as soon as possible. The fast turnaround time and long editing and compression times, along with the need to keep prices low prevent us from offering standard options that may be offered with other types of photo and video production. 

Video is complicated, technical and time consuming. Each video takes more than 5+ hours in transcoding, editing, and compression for use online. Additionally, the sheer volume of photos we take for every listing makes client previews and editing cost prohibitive as well. We are able to provide photos and video tours of real estate at a significant reduction in price from what you would normally pay for a products of this quality due to several cost cutting factors:

We follow a templated format

View any one of our photo or video samples. Replace that home with your listing - that is exactly what your video will look like. Custom shoots are available that vary from this format at an additional charge due to increased production time.

We do not offer client edits or previews.

Any changes, no matter how insignificant they seem, require repeating the processing of transcoding, editing and and compression all over again. In short, there are unfortunately no "small changes" when it comes to photo and video production. 

We will happily correct our mistakes

We will happily correct any errors that we make at no charge. Any additional changes that you would like made are $100. If there are specific rooms you do or don't want filmed please let us know before the video is edited.